I was born to eat chocolate and create visual stories.

My event photography and portraiture has been described as intimate, theatrical, and dramatic. All I know is that my background in corporate America, marketing communications and fine art brings a high level of teamwork, sensitivity and vision to my photography.

Everyone has a heart and soul and needs to be heard. Photographing a story or capturing a moment in time can be an emotional keepsake or a thought provoking experience.  When a subject lets you into his/her world, it is a privilege. It is here where the photographic process becomes open-ended and evolving, depending less on what is said than on what is left unsaid, and can only be seen in the photo.

When I am not photographing, I flee to warmer climates, play tennis and break bread with other humans. In my free time I make a mean Greyhound martini and volunteer for good causes.